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How do I install an elevator in a new building?

New elevator installations are when a client would like to install an elevator on a premise that did not have one previously, or a client is starting a new construction project.

Consolidated Elevator can provide new Elevator Systems for new buildings and construction projects. At Consolidated Elevator we have vertical transportation solutions that will meet any design or specification. Whether it be hydraulic or traction based equipment Consolidated Elevator has the ability and experience to achieve a seamless elevator construction design.

How do I get started adding an elevator to my new construction?

At Consolidated Elevator, we have the knowledge, the expertise and experience to design, consult, and install entire elevator systems on new construction from the ground up. Due to the fact that every elevator installation is unique to itself, we at Consolidated Elevator take the time to meet with our clients, find out exactly what your needs are, and tailor make a proposal to your specific requests, functionality, and specifications.