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What is an elevator maintenance contract?

All buildings operating with an elevator require a contract with an elevator company to perform monthly maintenance. This ensures your elevator is running in accordance with safety standards. It also means less shutdowns and more uptime for the building’s residence.

Am I required to have a maintenance contract?

Yes, the New York Department of Buildings requires all buildings with elevator systems have a monthly maintenance contract as well as keep up to date with the required CAT 1 and CAT 5 inspections.

How much does an elevator maintenance contract cost?

The cost of elevator maintenance contracts differ depending on the type of elevator system you are utilizing. Here at Consolidated Elevator we make sure to provide the competitive pricing possible. For a quote, please reach out and we can schedule an estimate.

Elevators covered under Consolidated Elevator’s monthly maintenance contracts ensure safety, reliability, and the smooth operation of your entire elevator service for you and your tenants to enjoy. We have the knowledge and expertise to quickly evaluate your entire elevator system. We will determine with certainty what repairs are needed, what repairs are recommended, and troubleshoot or make adjustments to prevent any future malfunction.