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What is a door lock monitor?

Door Lock Monitors are a new system that will prevent an elevator from moving unless the doors are properly closed in the correct position.

The department of buildings NYC (D.O.B.) has ordered a mandatory upgrade to all automatic elevators. The installation of a door lock monitoring system will be required by 2020. If your elevator does not have a D.O.B. approved door lock monitoring system installed, it may be subject to a mandatory “shut down” order that will be issued to elevators not in compliance with the new regulation.

How do I install a door lock monitor?

Consolidated Elevator has been preparing for this change in legislation for years and an entire department focused on the deployment of door lock monitors in a safe and timely manner to meet legal requirements. Please contact us at Consolidated Elevator for a complete evaluation of your entire Elevator system, we would be happy to retrofit your elevator with a door lock monitor.