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What are elevator communications?

Traditional phone systems consist of dated communications technology and relies on hard-wired phone lines that can be more expensive than necessary and are prone to failures. These dedicated lines are unreliable and can only be tested with an onsite mechanic. This makes owning and operating traditional phone systems a hassle and financial burden to upkeep. It’s even a potential safety hazard.

What phone service does consolidated provide?

Consolidated uses a custom-built cellular connection to provide off-site monitoring, battery backup, and reliability for the elevator communication system. Our phone system is easy to install and interfaces with existing emergency telephones and can be installed in any current elevator setup you may have (works with traction, hydraulic, and all machine-room-less elevator models).
This results in a solution for providing ASME 17 compliant phone services to your elevator without the cost and negatives of traditional hard-wired phone lines.

Our communication package includes:

  • Phone connectivity for elevator emergency call button
  • Battery backup providing 6 hours of talk time
  • LTE connectivity; no dependence on exiting phone line
  • 24/7 Phone monitoring, if there is an issue with the phone connectivity we’ll be notified within 5 minutes
  • Future ability to plug into elevator controller to provide monitoring and diagnostics of elevator
  • Two phone numbers per device
  • Two preconfigured FXS ports for VoIP (SIP) providing phone service for POTS
  • 5dBi external antennas for LTE, internal antenna for Wi-Fi
  • Hardware NAT, DHCP, security and layer 2 and 3 QoS

Interested? Contact us for a quote and start avoiding phone related elevator violations today!