Elevator mechanic working on elevator electronics for maintenance

Pro-Active Elevator Maintenance

How confident are you in the quality of the  maintenance service supporting your elevators?

Two elevator mechanics, one giving the thumbs up and one holding a wrench

Key Benefits

  • Greater Reliability

  • Longer Equipment Life

  • Reduced Risk & Liability

  • Easier Compliance

  • Lower risk of failure

  • Safer Equipment

  • Better performance

  • Increased Longevity 

  • Lower Costs

  • Easier Expense Planning

First Rate Elevator

Consolidated Elevator employs a robust & ever-growing team of highly trained & skilled elevator mechanics. Our field technicians are tactically stationed and routed through out New York City to ensure we always have able technicians in close proximity to our customers. That means when you need us to get there fast, we can make it happen. 



We care about your tenants. It is paramount that our Proactive maintenance product delivers the highest quality service. We will always strive to provide the safest passenger experience while also keeping your elevators running with the least possible downtime. We take compliance very seriously and will ensure that your elevators follow all current DOB code & upgrade requirements. Lastly, we understand the distress & anxiety that accompanies an emergency occurrence. When you call us, we will answer and when you need us, we will be there. 

What sets our elevator
Maintenance apart

Avg Contract Duration: 

20+ Years 



Customer Engagements: 

50+ Years 


Mechanics strategically stationed through out the

five boroughs. 


Efficient service

procedure minimizing elevator downtime.


Smart-Routing Tactics


RUSH Dispatch 


Elevator cab and cable schematic for maintenance
Elevator schematic of a cable system for maintenance

Aside from state regulation mandating every passenger elevator

to be individually supported by its own Maintenance Contract, Consolidated Elevator’s Proactive Maintenance Plan is a sound investment in your building’s elevator systems. A comprehensive & well executed maintenance program will save you time and money while also mitigating a variety of risks. 

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+ Emergency

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Map of Consolidated Elevator's service areas for maintenance
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When Emergencies occur, you want Consolidated Elevator in your corner. 

For Owners &

We know happy tenants make for happy owners & managers. Consolidated Elevator’s mission is to deliver the most positive elevator experience possible to your tenants and their guests. 

Emergency Calls

We stand prepared 24/7 to answer your call when you need us 365 days a year. We understand the anxious nature of such scenarios and we do our best to collaborate with you to deliver the fastest possible solutions. We make specific ongoing investments in this area to make sure we have greatly experienced technicians of the highest caliber that are ready for action. Plus, we have developed unmatched internal communications protocols making sure our on-duty technicians become aware of incidents fast and arrive on scene ASAP.

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