Core Services

Repair. Modernization. Green Tech. Installation.

Elevator Repair

Yes, We do that.

Yes, We can fix it.

Consolidated Elevator’s team of Dispatchers, Field Technicians, Supervisors, Shop Techs & Fabricators are the most talented Elevator Pros in New York. Collectively, we boast hundreds of years of experience servicing New York’s Elevators. We have proven it, over the 50 years we’ve been in business, that we have the knowledge, skills and troubleshooting aptitude to repair any type of elevator out there. Best of all, we are at your service 24/7.

Elevator Modernization

Sometimes, a few new parts is all you need..

Consolidated Elevator is highly capable of performing complete, partial and special needs modernizations of both commercial and residential elevator systems.

Generally, we begin modernization work with a full system audit of the elevator infrastructure & hardware in place.

During the process, project requirements, including all necessary implementation steps and “Parts” purchases are determined to transform the existing elevator system in to a modernized, safe, fully compliant and reliable system.

Going Green

Consolidated Elevator is fully capable to help you reduce your building’s energy footprint leveraging all the latest compliant technologies available.

Permanent Magnets

Ask About Con Ed’s Cash Incentive Programs

Regenerative Drives

Ask About Con Ed Incentives

Destination Dispatch

Route efficiency improves travel speed and saves the planet.

Regenerative Drives

This Cash-incentivized Energy-Savings Program uses elevator’s electric motors to generate / capture some of the gravitational potential energy of descent of a full cab (heavier than its counterweight) or ascent of an empty cab (lighter than its counterweight) and return it to the grid.


  • 30% Avg Savings/Elevator/Yr
  • Recoup of Drive installation costs typically 2-3 years
  • Con Ed’s Cash Incentives can offset costs

Permanent Magnets

Uses powerful magnets installed permanently in the motor leveraging natural magnetism instead of demanding electricity to create temporary magnetic fields


  • Reduces energy consumption of motor by 25%

Permanent Magnets

Destination dispatch intelligently routes passengers to save time and money.


  • Reduces trip times by 25%
  • Increases capacity by up to 30%

Elevator Installation

If you can dream it, we can build it. Let’s talk about your project

Reliable, Accountable, Present, Communicative, Honest

From the ground up, Consolidated Elevator is committed to completing installations in a professional and timely manner. We have the experience and talent to deliver any job at the highest standard.

We have the best resources in the business because we believe in extensive & proper training. We also believe in the value of time and recognize that a lack of timeliness is devastating to a development program. That’s why Time Management, Communication & Training are paramount in everything we do at Consolidated Elevator.

When should Consolidated Elevator be looped into your development initiative?

Great Question. Let’s look at the Development Process together to identify the places where Consolidated Elevator can truly add value to your project. Leveraging our experience & expertise from as early as the architectural planning phase can end up saving your development big dollars on construction costs and help you dodge many years of recurring future problems.

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