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The Delos air filtration solutions installed by Consolidated Elevator feature High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration to help improve the quality of the air inside of the elevator cab.

Elevator Maintenance

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Core Services


Consolidated Elevator is highly capable of

performing complete, partial and special needs modernizations of both commercial and residential  elevator systems. 


Generally, we begin modernization work with a full system audit of the elevator infrastructure & hardware in place.

Consolidated Elevator’s team of Dispatchers, Field Technicians, Supervisors, Shop Techs & Fabricators are the most talented Elevator Pros in New York. Collectively, we boast hundreds of years of experience servicing New York’s Elevators.


Going Green

Consolidated Elevator is fully capable of helping you reduce your building’s energy consumption footprint leveraging any and all of the latest compliant technologies.


From the ground up, Consolidated Elevator is committed to completing installations in a professional and timely manner. Consolidated Elevator has the experience and the technicians to deliver any job to the highest standard. 


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This is an amazing company their techs worked fantastic from start to end. Fast, reliable and fairly priced. Repaired an old and outdated lift accurately. It is working smoothly now. They are amazing guys, I appreciate them for handling complex issue with excellence. 

-Neil Langdon

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I Hired them for new elevator installation. I got a fantastic team who were proficient and worked for their customer satisfaction. They were responsible guys and were aware about the seriousness of the job. They did everything carefully and with perfection. Impressed by their quality of work.

-Darrel J Alexander

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Their technical crew was really good at repairing of elevator. I worked hard to have them found because I wanted to have our elevator repaired immediately and expertly. Working with them was incredible. They met the level of my satisfaction. Superb!!!

-Sheena Ray

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I got their exceptional service for elevator installation at the new property we recently constructed in the city. It is a four floor building and to make access smooth elevator installation was mandatory. I hired them and they did a fantastic work on it. The crew was knowledgeable and was on-time. Did their work perfectly and efficiently at reasonable price. 

-Lee Boyle